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Benefits of Worm Castings for Your Garden

Andrew here, and I want to share with you the benefits of worm castings. A few years ago I was looking for ways to kick my organic gardening up a notch and that search led me to worm castings or “gardener’s gold.” I thought, “well gold is good right!? I need to get me some of that…”

As my research began I quickly realized that there is so much information available on worm castings that you can literally get lost in it all. Because of this, I wanted to help make your journey a bit easier with a quick, easy to digest, overview of all things “Worm Castings.”

Worm Castings are full of Nutrients and Microorganisms

Worm castings are extremely high in microorganisms, readily available nutrients, humic acids and improve water retention. This combination makes worm castings nature’s most valuable fertilizer / soil amendment on the planet!

All those microorganisms? They’re hard workers! These little guys help break down material in your soil and make them nutritionally available to your plants. I mean, what's the point of a fertilizer your plants can’t use?

Results You Can See

Applying worm castings to your plants / garden significantly increases the growth of your plants. When planting your seeds you will have better germination rates, stronger roots and even pest resistance. Yes, you read that right, many studies show that worm castings decrease pests and other diseases that attack our plants! It gets better, worm castings won't “burn” your plants like synthetic fertilizers or manure.

How are worm castings used?

Easy peasy! You can simply mix the castings in with your starter seed soil or scratch it into the dirt at the base of your plant. For more details on how to use worm castings check out our other posts.

“Hey Andrew, where do I get some o’ that black gold!?”

I’m glad you asked! First, it is important to know that not all castings are created equally. You’ve heard the term, “you are what you eat.” Well, with worm castings, this couldn’t be more accurate. When shopping for your castings, find out what the worms were fed. A lot of large scale vermicomposters (composting via worms) dump a ton of horse/cow manure on

top of their worms and let them chow down.

Don’t get me wrong, this process still creates great castings! However, you won’t get the diversity your plants hunger for. Castings created from a high-nitrogen diet are far superior. At Beachside Worms, our castings are created from fruits, vegetables and other organic, nutritious materials as well as the much needed carbons from paper, cardboard and coco coir. The result, after being processed by worms, is a “premium” worm casting with tons of nutrients and microbial life.

Also, consider the storage/delivery method of your purchased castings. We’ve mentioned “life” when talking about our castings. This is because the castings are quite literally covered with billions of living organisms. Like most life on earth, these living things require food, water and oxygen. When you find those bags of worm castings at your big-box stores, they are often found in an air-tight bag. This storage method starves the beneficial life which once thrived in these castings.

So now that you have the what and why of worm castings are you ready to get some PREMIUM castings in your hands?

Of course we would love for you to purchase your premium worm castings from us at Beachside Worms by clicking here. However, if you are interested in producing and harvesting your own worm castings, we’re here to help you out with some information on How to Start Your Own Worm Bin, too.

I hope this guide helps clear the “mud” around worm castings. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We love talking sh…. I mean… worm poop!

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