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African Nightcrawlers are the largest of all composting worms. At full grown, they measure 6-8 inches long! But their size isn't the only thing that makes these guys a favorite of many. 

African Nightcrawlers (ANC) eat up to 3x more than their smaller composting worm friends. An average ANC can eat 1.5 times their body weight DAILY! Most composting worms are recorded eating .5 of their body weight a day.

ANCs also reproduce faster than any other compost worm. These guys can put off 3+ cocoons per week, each producing an average of two worms. That means, under the right conditions, the ANC can multiply their population 6x weekly!

Bait and heat tolerance. ANCs can handle more heat than any of their competitors. While they can handle temperatures between 60-90 degrees, they perform best around 70-80 degrees. And remember, just because it is 90+ degrees outside, that doesn't mean your worm's bedding is that high! Message me for tricks to keep your warms warm/cool during extreme weather. As bait, these guys are one of the best! Because of their size and reproduction rate, you can't go wrong. They are a favorite for folks in warmer regions as they do not need to be refrigerated like some bait worms.

African Nightcrawler Worms

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