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European Nightcrawlers are the BIG cousin of the "red wiggler" composting worms. They work wonders on a compost pile or in a vermicomposting bin where they will eat half their body weight every day! They are also prolific reproducers where each adult worm is creating 1-2 cocoons every week (each cocoon can have 2-5 worms!)

As bait, these guys are amazing! Not to mention, with a little work, you can start your own bin and have an unlimited supply of worms to take to the water! 

As for you gardeners, chances are you already know these guys are AMAZING for your garden, vegetable plots and even containers. While pooping out "black gold" they also aerate the soil and create tunnels to help root development, better than their little cousins do!

European Nightcrawler Worms

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