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We brew our worm tea to order so your product is as fresh as possible. Our tea is brewed with PREMIUM worm castings (not the junk from big box stores) and other organic additives to boost microbial and beneficial bacterial life. This combination creates the best product to help your plants grow big and healthy!

We use only organic materials. Each bottle is filled with premium worm castings, dechlorinated water, alfalfa meal, and unsulfurated molasses.

To use, dilute worm tea with water and apply to a moist area (if applied to dry surfaces, the microbes can die off before they can work their magic)! We recommend applying the tea after a quick watering.

A little goes a long way! Because our tea is so concentrated, you can dilute as much as one ounce per gallon! However, don't be shy with your application. Worm tea will never burn your plants so you can use as much as you'd like. We recommend upping the dose for plants that need some extra attention but ALSO plants that are putting on fruit. The extra tea will help the plants replenish the much-needed nutrients to continue to produce additional yields.

Worm Tea

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