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Hello World!

It all started with a tomato plant...

Why not?  We had the space... Let's give it a shot!  Well, that tiny tomato plant eventually produced... tomatoes!  I know... shocker, right?  But it really was for us!  Neither of us knew if we could keep a plant alive long enough to harvest something so tasty.  But that tomato plant, as lovely as it was, died pretty quickly after producing its first few sets of fruit.   Why!?

Turns out plants need nutrients, not just water... lesson learned!  Then began the search for organic fertilizer and soil amendments.  Many YouTube videos and gardening blogs later, we decided to start a small worm farm to produce worm castings, or worm poop, to fertilize our plants.  

After seeing just how amazing the worm castings were transforming our garden, we decided we had to share the magic!  We hope you take that small step towards sustainability, growth, and plant abundance by seeing for yourself just how amazing worms and worm castings can transform your garden! 

Garden Shed
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